Lol Carte Crew
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Lol Carte Crew

Форум команды Lol коллекционной карточной игры Carte.

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Lol Carte crew FAQ

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Welcome to Lol Carte crew forums! I hope you enjoy your stay Smile

Here's some information in form of quick FAQ:

Q: What is Lol Carte Crew?

A: Lol Carte Crew is a Russian guild of online trading card game Carte.

Q: I don't speak Russian, can I join your crew?

A: You probably shouldn't since all communication is in Russian.

Q: Can I still visit your forums and express my thoughts and ask questions?

A: Yes, by all means feel free to do so. We have English representation forums for that purose. We are friendly community and would like to share our thoughts and experience. We play Carte primarily in English and majority of our members speak English on more or less appropriate level.

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